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Pictured: DW Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Vater Drumsticks, New Balance Sneakers and John Varvados clothes. These are quality companies that I respect and love working with!


Will I work with a company for money and or exposure?

I’m a gear head and it’s easy to tempt me with stuff. However, I care about the quality of things in this world and that being said, here is my take on endorsements and partnerships.

Many musicians, celebrities and YouTubers work with a multitude of companies that will toss them free gear, clothes or whatever in exchange for pictures, videos or to be seen in or seen with. I work only with companies that I have I mutual respect for them and a mutual respect for me. Also, the bottom line is quality. If your product is junk, I’m not interested. There is enough over hyped junk in the world and I won’t promote it. If I am promoting something, it’s because I believe in it. I grew up in a very modest household. My Father was cab driver and my Mother was a telephone operator. I had what I needed, but I always wanted better things and decided if I ever made any decent money that I would spend it on quality things.

My criteria is simple and my number one question is… 1. will I play it, wear it and or use it like I love it because I do? If the answer is “yes”, I am all for working on being a partner/endorser.